Types of Product Management

There is no one ideal Product Manager. No matter, which state of career are you in, you can choose one of the following options as your right career path.

Technical Product Manager

Own the delivery pipelines of the DevOps team and define how the team works. Work on product organisation, alignment of security and procurement policies, Own the product roadmap, manage the product backlog, and define requirements for new features. Discuss and evangelize for new technologies and best practices amongst and outside of your team by staying updated with technology Define SLAs, methods of organising and managing ourselves as a part of the DevOps team. Be on top of numbers: what efficiency gains will we achieve by opting to go serverless. Also plan and implement measures for cost optimisation.

Great for you, if you have technical background, and you worked as Developer, QA Engineer, Data Scientist, Technical Architect and so on.

UX Product Manager

The focus is all about great Customer Experience. Very opinionated domain, and is directly responsible for the front-end Customer uses. You might be responsible for interface for the product (web/app) that is built. This includes User/Customer research. Find out product adoption, work with analytics teams. to get data

Great for you, if you have worked as a UX Designer.

Growth Product Manager

A Growth Product Manager is focused on growing user base, and certain KPIs defined as success metrics by the Organization. The success metrics change over time, based on learnings You also work with Sales and Marketing very closely to promote your products, increase awareness. This also involves researching competitors, doing test runs, A/B Test, controlled rollout.

Great for you, if you worked in Sales, Market Research.

Enterprise product manager

Provide technical and disciplinary leadership and coaching to the EP product management team to achieve individual and overall business objectives. Responsibility for local marketing management of the EP product range through appropriate hands-on implementation and execution of marketing programs and campaigns. Identify and develop KOL relationships in cooperation with the respective sales partners. Build effective working relationships with sales management and other stakeholders. Continuous analysis of market trends, to develop content for customer webinars and whitepaper strategies. Prepare and support customer events (digital and in-person) and marketing activities. Monitor and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.

Great for you, if you worked as Business/Product Owner.


This is not the complete list of Product Management career options. This is to give you a short overview of different options. There is no one way to become a product manager. But its going to be challenging and fun!

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